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  • Permaculture and Regenerative Farming Consultation

  • Wetland Rehabilitation & Shoreline Weed Control

  • Supply and Implementation of Soil, Seeds, Plants and Greenhouses

  • Holistic Natural Medicine & Sound Healing

  • Eco Tourism - Nature Experiences & Foraging

  • Low Voltage Lighting and Internet of Things

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        NatureCures Mission is to assist People to grow and live more Naturally with Mother Nature.

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Forests Enterprise Vision is to provide and promote Carbon Capturing Solutions that will Ensure a Healthy Planet and Sustainable Regenerative Food Production.

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Digital Ceiling Technologies helps businesses create Smart Buildings that save energy and reduces Carbon Footprint.

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Family Holistic Learning Station 



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I signed up for a "Vitality Program" with Keith of the Forest.


NatureCures transformed my life radically. Keith helped me connect with Mother Earth and guided me to learn about Permaculture and Medicinal Plants. I went from feeling like a 60 year old to a 20 year old in less than 3 years.


If you want to learn about growing food and herbs naturally, connect with Keith.


Keith and Anna have a magical place along the river. Although we visited in winter, their place was alive with growth. As a family we are interested in sustainability and better practices that respect the earth. The whole experience was an affirmation of how we strive to live better in harmony with nature.


Keith and Anna are extremely knowledgeable and shared the gifts they have learned from living on their land. It is a way of life I really admire.


Keith Taylor and his team at Forests Enterprise was contracted by our company to assist on a project at Lindsay, Ontario, Canada last 6 six months. His team provided shoreline management services, trail clearing, property maintenance, and restoration services.

Keith Taylor and his team at Forests Enterprise utilizes specialized labor on demand,
plays out the work expertly with the dedication to finish the predetermined
undertaking’s assignments on time and to our customer fulfillment. Keith and his team
are reliable and trustworthy. They are very knowledgeable in managing Natural
Ecosystems. They have shown professionalism, excellent care and ability to assist us in project completion.

We wish them each achievement in their future business and might want to have such associations with them again on our future up-coming undertakings. We would unequivocally prescribe them for any organization or anyone searching for acceptable contractors.


Clean Lean Inc.

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