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Meet KEITH of the FOREST
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Keith of the Forest is an Advocate for Mother Nature. He is the Founder of NatureCures & Digital Ceilings Technology, Director of Forests Enterprise and

Keith is committed to assisting People to Grow more Naturally with Mother Nature by utilizing the

Twelve Principles of Permaculture and connecting businesses to Smart Technology.

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Keith's Permaculture Biography

Keith of the Forest: (A Sovereign Being) has always been passionate about food security and land resilience. He is a Permaculture Specialist and for the past 6 years has become a farm fresh field to table enthusiast. Keith practises, teaches and designs gardening techniques which apply the 12 Principles of Permaculture. This unique approach fosters living, regenerative ecological food systems and communities. His mission has always been to assist people and small-scale farms in growing more naturally in tune with Mother Nature.


Keith’s background before Permaculture & Environmental/Social Justice Activism was in business. He was founder & CEO of ITC Ltd, a telecom and low voltage wiring company that serviced large telco carriers. He earned a degree in Video Conference Engineering at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Keith was also certified at the College of Renewable Energy in Wind, Solar and Geothermal Power Systems. In 2014 Keith attended the Living Centre Permaculture Design Course, where he was taught Permaculture Design & Herbalism.


This biodiverse background has been put to good use by Keith who designs and builds gardens, greenhouses and hydroponic food production equipment. As an Instructor, Keith places strong emphasis on thoughtful and protracted food production design. His engineering patterns utilize the appropriate technologies and harness the power of living soil biology in all he accomplishes.

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